Group school project for circuit training fitness tracking and statistics application with sound notifications and integrated with Spotify.



ReactMUIApollo ClientGraphQLFramer motionEslintPrettier


NodeApollo ServerGraphQLMariaDBEslintPrettier


  • Authentication (login/register with email & password)
  • Training dashboard with various filtering
  • Setting page for changing password a connect to profile to Spotify
  • CRUD trainings, list of exercises, timings and pauses
  • Started training with countdown timer and remaining exercises
  • Statistics page for training recommendation, progress against other users
  • Spotify volume manipulating when sound notifications appear
  • Loading spinners for fetching processes
  • Error management with descriptive messages
  • Page transition animations
  • Proper responsive UI for all screens

My role

I was mainly responsible for the front-end application. From the initial project setup, the code structure and the visual aspect of the application. I built a majority of the components and handled reviewing components from the other schoolmates. I was also responsible for setting git flow and resolving merge conflicts in pull requests.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my work, or if you are interested in collaborating. I will respond as soon as possible.