Project Tracker


Project tracking application likes Jira with a kanban board and time management similar to Jira.

Project Tracker


ReactTypescriptMaterial UIApollo clientGraphQLNetlify


NodeApollo serverGraphQLMongoDBJWTHeroku


  • Authentication (login/register w/ email & password)
  • CRUD projects, with ability to add members for group work
  • CRUD issues, with title, description, type, asignees & priority
  • Project members can add, edit, close & reopen issues etc.
  • Project members can comment issues
  • Dashboard with your projects and issues in which you are involved
  • Filter and sort dashboard issues by various parameters
  • Descriptive color indicators for bug priority & status
  • Error management with descriptive messages
  • Loading spinners for fetching processes
  • Using cache for fast app responses
  • Dark mode toggle with local storage save
  • Proper responsive UI for all screens

Additional features

  • Updating client cache to minimize data fetching
  • Nested routes
  • Mobile touch gesture friendly
  • Using reference implementation of a list ordering system like JIRA's Lexorank algorithm


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my work, or if you are interested in collaborating. I will respond as soon as possible.